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31 December 2010 @ 01:01 pm
i started on sungkyunkwan scandal this week and have been hooked ever since episode 2. i've even put secret garden on hold, which is saying alot.

slightly spoilerish, mildly fangirl-yCollapse )

(huge change in tone)

time to have some proper reflection about this past year and to plan for the year ahead! somehow, i both look forward to and dread 2011.

why is new year's such a big event? what's so special about one year ending and the next beginning that causes it to be celebrated the world over? isn't it just the passing of time? i don't have some cheem philosophical/existential answer for that, it's just a question that suddenly came to mind. i guess Man just innately knows that a new beginning is always worth celebrating.
26 December 2010 @ 02:06 am
snow day

hope you had a blessed Christmas! 성탄절 잘 지내세요~

at the service today the church's drama team presented 3 simple skits that were funny, touching and heartfelt. my favourite was the one about the relationship between a husband and wife, in a world where everyone keeps emotional scores in actual ledger books. if there's a webcast i'll post it here! :)

am back in sunny sg and although i'm missing korea and the friends and fun times there, it's good to be back!

things i don't miss about korea
guys spitting on the street/in the subway
my fingers freezing
wearing 1000 layers of clothes

things i miss about korea
everything else


on a very different note, as part of my grand plan to learn korean by watching korean dramas with korean subtitles, i rewatched the first 5 minutes of BOF ep 3 and couldn't continue due to the acting/expressions of JH and JD -.- (take a look and you will see what i mean). in retrospect, the acting was really bad, but ok la they did improve towards the end, must give them credit.
21 December 2010 @ 02:22 am

feeling rather sentimental tonight: two and a half more days here

when we sailed past the lights along the han river, i realised just how much i'm going to miss 한국